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Rute Cabrita is a certified yoga instructor.
Adults, children and babies.

Swásthya Yôga and Hatha Yôga.

Algarve | Faro | Olhão

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Group Classes

Group classes in Faro and Olhão.

Private Classes

Private classes. Individual or small groups.
Faro | Olhão | home.

Online Classes

Online yoga classes. You can practice anywhere!

Ashtánga sádhana

Full yoga practice

mudrá, puja, mantra, pranayama, kriya, asana, yoganidra, samyama

Benefits :

  • Breathing improvement
  • Physical and energetic purification
  • Better posture
  • Body and mind awareness
  • Strenght and flexibility
  • Relax and stress relief
  • Focus and presence


Group Classes